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Major environmental pollution putting up all businesses new tasks. The continuous degradation of the environment from large factories may strongly affect the quality of our lives and our descendants. Trying to contribute to improving the business environment Aqua Mikol company segregate all waste resulting from production. In addition, we created a range of cheap products which are based on plastics waste generated from production.Defective items and the ingots are recycled and not disposed of with household waste. We also encourage our customers who want to save on production elements to exploit the potential of using after-recycling plastic. This practice is beneficial for both- the environment and the consumer. At this time, for space heating We are using hot air circulation resulting from the heating and drying materials before processing. Moreover, heating is also based on organic fuel. Every action, investments, take into account the environmental issue. The times require it, and besides, in the long term it appears to be profitable for the company and also for the environment.