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AquaMikol producer of the injection moulds
producer of the injection moulds

Our history began in the early 80’s. In 1980 We registered the Mikol Company which is mainly engaged in plastic processing and machining of metals.

Aquamikol company on the begining of '80.

Initially, the leading product of the company were metal nuts and small plastic parts. Park machine consisted of a single-threading machines, presses, milling machines, lathes and the injection piston. The main product of the plastic buttons are clothing and supplies for Polish motor’s industry. By the end of the 80's production has been focused mainly on those products.

Together wit Aqua Medic GmbH on trade show

In 1993 the company adopted its current name. With the merger of two companies-the Aqua Medic company and Mikol -formed company with foreign capital Aqua Mikol. In the 90s the company grew rapidly. The family business was newly built plant in the production halls, directed mainly to the production of injection molds and components of the marine aquarium industry. Investment in new machinery for metal and plastics processing has shaped the present activity. By 2005, the company has provided services exclusively for export. In 2006 We entered into the Polish market attracting many new customers. Thanks to very long engagement with customers from Europe, the company focused on the high quality of services, which until today is a top priority each working day.

Modern park machinery of Aqua Mikol

Constantly increasing costs of molds in Poland forced us to restructure the machinery and services. In 2006 we built our branch in Guangdong province,in Shaxi (China). Shaxi Branch was supposed to do all the projects related to Aqua Medic. The concept for the last 5 years has proved its worth so in connection with this-in the end of 2011, our company offers low-cost injection molds made ​​in China with the Polish guarantee of quality.